*whispers* anyone here

yeah, I’m gonna quit this account.

"Does anyone else actually use anything other than Google? Like, why does Yahoo exist?"

"Talk dirty to me… Talk dirty to me…"

Idk why I made this tbh

none of my rp partners come online/respond anymore fml

First Christmas jumper of the year! Keeping warm at the video shoot! X


Brian smiled against Oliver’s lips, and without breaking the kiss, he gently pushed Oliver to lay down on the bed. He pressed himself down lightly onto the other’s body and slowly linked one of his hands with one of Oliver’s, lacing their fingers together.

Oliver allowed Brian to take control, following his lead. He fell back gently, lying on his back, keeping Brian close. They continued kissing, Oliver holding on to Brian’s hand tightly. He was happy, thankful he’d managed to get that off his chest and tell Brian.


Brian’s jaw dropped slightly. He hadn’t expected to hear those words — at least not now. It had been a while since they were last together. But he would be lying if he said he hadn’t felt it, too. He touched Oliver’s cheek and looked into the other’s eyes. “Oli.. I love you, too,” he replied softly.

Oliver slowly lifted his gaze to look up at Brian, his eyes wide and a little afraid. But he felt it too. He said it back. So Oliver smiled and curled his arms back around Brian’s neck, leaning in to kiss him again.